Cal Poly Pomona Tasting & Auction

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tasting and Auction Partner!
To register as a Partner, please fill out this online form.

As a valued supporter we want to make sure your experience is an enjoyable one, by reviewing the following information below regarding the event.

The venue will be configured to optimize exposure of all partners.  We are also happy to invite you to join us with NO registration fee and offer you up to 4 free marketing guest tickets worth $75.00 each.  We also supply you with our non-profit 501 c tax id #.

Two weeks prior to the event, you will receive your free marketing tickets and arrival time with day of instructions.

Thank you for your support!

Cal Poly Pomona will provide:

  • Up to 4 event tickets for marketing purposes (value $75 each)
  • 10 x 10 covered white canopy or pagoda booth
  • One 8’ serving table and one 6’ skinny prep table for each booth
  • Linens for tables
  • Business Banner Signage over the booth
  • Logo plastic tasting plate with wine glass holder for guests
  • Plastic small tasting plates, bowls, cups, forks and spoons
  • Beverage napkins
  • Electrical power/outlet (if requested)
  • Ice (if requested)
  • Bottled water for drinking at the H20 stations for you and your staff
  • Stand up menu of what you are serving- if menu is provided to us at least one week in advance.
  • Fire extinguishers on site
  • Portable sinks for washing/dumping
  • Volunteer(s) will be available to assist you throughout the event
  • Wine and Beer booths: ICE, Pitchers, water, ice scoops, flat bins and tubs to chill wine, dump buckets, bar towels, vines to decorate booth will be supplied.

Vendor to provide:

  • Portions for 500 guests (Final guest count will be supplied one week prior to the event) if needed
  • Decorations for your table
  • Special signage
  • Company logo for our website if you are a new partner only, or it has changed from the previous event
  • Cook tops if needed (CPP will supply required fire extinguishers)
  • Chafing dishes and serving dishes
  • Utensils for cooking and serving, knives, forks, spoons
  • Cutting boards, towels, and sanitizer
  • Plates, bowls, large serving trays for presentations
  • Please dress your best – reflecting your business.
  • Hot box/cooler to keep your food warm or cold
  • Heat lamps (if needed).
  • All personnel are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner as a representative of your business. Please limit alcohol consumption while working the event as we have obtained a ABC liquor license. Please note that no one under 21 will be admitted to the event and that includes set-up and tear down time.

The following is required from each vendor that meets all the university requirements.

Restaurant or business must provide a current copy of:

  • County Health Permit (your county permit to serve food at your business approved by health department/agency)
  • Certificate & Endorsement of public liability insurance from a carrier that has a rating of A or better with a financial rating of 7 or better. (The certificate and endorsement should include the following as additional insured: “The State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, the University and the employees, officers, and agents of each of them are included as additional insured.”) Include the date of the event in the policy.
  • A copy of the approved food handler card (county card) for the person who will supervise the food for the event (or, copy of the managers ServSafe certificate, or a state approved certificate to serve food based on the CA State Health & Safety codes, or individual certified food worker card.).

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your participation registration immediately after you register and click finish.  If you do not receive a confirmation within this time frame, contact Ana Domingo at 909-869-4731 or